This service supports Windows 7, 8 and 10, IE 7 to IE11, FireFox Version 38 and MAC OS X V10.9 (Maverick) with Safari 5, 6, and 7 (Requires RJE 6 and above). However, we recommend that MAC users use the Junos Pulse application, which does not rely on a specific OS X operating system. Information is available on the StarPort VPN page located off of the IS home page, or the SERA tab in the Clinician Portal. For Windows 10 you must add to your trusted sites.

Also, pop-up blocker must be turned off. If you use an unsupported browser or do not have current anti-virus signature files, you will be routed to Citrix for limited access.

On or about February 12, MedStar will be pushing out IE11 to MedStar owned PCs and Laptops. As a result, the first time you use SERA after IE11 is installed you may be asked to re-register or re-remember your machine for security purposes. Therefore make sure you have available the token or cell phone that you used when you initially registered for SERA.

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